How frightening was this?

A train hit a police unit that was parked on the tracks and when the train slammed into the unit, a suspect was detained in the vehicle. The incident was all caught on a dash cam and via a body cam from an officer that was on the scene.

This happened in Platteville, CO on Sept. 16 while officers were investigating a road rage incident.

The officer who parked his unit on the tracks located the vehicle in question and pulled it over. Well, the vehicle that was pulled over reportedly stopped just beyond the tracks, forcing the responding officer to stop on the tracks.

When the officer detained the suspect he put her in his unit, while it was still on the tracks.

As you will see and hear below, the approaching train saw the unit on the tracks and was blowing its horn as it approached the vehicle.

Apparently, the officer didn't see where the train was and when he did see it rapidly approaching, he didn't have time time to get the woman out of the unit that was sitting on the tracks.

The suspect surprisingly did survive the crash and reportedly suffered multiple broken bones and a head injury.

An attorney representing the woman accuses the officers on the scene of doing nothing to get his client out of the police unit as the train approached.

Here's the shocking video from the scene in Colorado.


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