Anyone who has traveled through Youngsville knows that traffic can be a headache, especially during the morning and afternoon commutes.

Of course traffic issues only get worse when a main road is closed in a city, and that has some Youngsville residents very frustrated these days.

At the moment Bonin Road is closed for an expansion project.

Mayor Ken Ritter says that this project will make the route safer in the future.

However, having Bonin Road closed is causing some residents to get very frustrated during their morning and afternoon commutes.

Clay Colgin told KLFY, “Basically, they cut off a main artery and now there’s only so many ways to get into Youngsville.”


Mayor Ken Ritter said that “The idea behind it is we’re gaining up to five or six feet in width on this road. Anyone who’s traveled knows it’s entirely too narrow. By making the road wider it will be a safer route to school and to work for our residents to commute to and from. We’re trying our best to layer our projects to where it’s the most minimal inconvenience”

Bonin Road is expected to be closed until the end of the month, weather permitting.

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And speaking of issues with traffic in Youngsville, it was announced on the Youngsville Police Department’s Facebook page that they would start providing traffic control at the intersection of Fortune Road and Chemin Metairie.

The traffic control will start on Thursday, November 10, 2022, and will be during the hours of 7 am- 9 am and 4 pm- 6 pm.

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