Is it even possible to workout without listening to music?

There's something about blasting your favorite music at the gym that makes working out ... bearable. Ok, so clearly I'm not huge gym buff, but you better believe that the few times a year I do workout I am listening to music. It's just necessary.

According to Spotify, people are listening to a lot of Eminem during their gym session, but who else made the list?

  1. Eminem "Till I Collapse"
  2. Eminem "Lose Yourself"
  3. Kanye West "Stronger"
  4. Kanye West "POWER"
  5. Mackelmore & Ryan Lewis "Can't Hold Us"

I'm not gonna lie, those are some pretty solid workout songs. If you don't instantly get pumped when you hear the beginning of "Lose Yourself" I don't know what will get you ready to hit the gym.

Spotify's research also broke down the top workout song by age groups, and surprisingly people 55+ are "all about that bass".

If you want to really get into Spotify's workout song breakdown check out more info at


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