A tire falls off a moving car and hits two men in the head.  The incident happened Friday in Turkey.  Security footage caught the unusual event from different angles.  This is really unbelievable.

This past Friday the owner of a pharmacy in Turkey was sitting behind his desk taking to two of his friends sitting in chairs in front of his desk.  It was a nice day, so the front door of the pharmacy was open.  A car traveling on the street in front of the pharmacy lost a tire.  The tire flew off the car, jumped over the sidewalk, went through the open door of the pharmacy slammed into the desk the three men were sitting at.

Even though the tire had slowed down at the time of impact with the desk, it was still going fast enough to injure someone badly.  Let this be a reminder, your life can change in an instant.  Tomorrow is not promised.  These men were lucky.




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