As much as we love our families here in South Louisiana, gathering with them in close quarters at this time just isn't smart.

Don't get me wrong: I don't like it, either. Thanksgiving and Christmas are usually the times of the year when you see friends and family from out-of-town. Many look forward to the holidays specifically for that reason, and many will be disappointed this year.

I saw a meme on Facebook this week that said "Don't fear this virus! Get together with your family for the holidays because, for some, it will be their last!". Wait: what?? It didn't take me long to see the irony in the meme.

Here's my take on it: I'd rather skip getting together with friends and family this time so that we can all (try to) stay healthy. If we don't gather in close quarters, that reduces the chances of spreading the coronavirus.

With that being said, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards shared some helpful hints to (hopefully) keep your (small, socially-distanced) gathering COVID-free:

Limiting our exposure to others greatly reduces our chances of catching (or worse: spreading) the coronavirus, so let's be smart with our holiday gatherings. Remember this: if you gather with your family and that event spreads the coronavirus, there are some in that group who might not survive it to see another holiday.

And before you ask, "What, you fear this virus?", know this: I do not fear the virus. I respect the virus, and I respect my family and friends. I know what the virus can do to people, and I am not willing to be the one who is involved in spreading the virus to anyone.

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