A TikToker claims that his boss fired him after the employer anonymously added him as a friend on Xbox and discovered that he was playing during work hours.

On April 30, TikTok user @Placementco — real name Brandon, who works for a career coaching company — posted a storytime video captioned: "Bruh… today is the day I stop accepting friend requests…"

"Yeah, so I got fired from my job today. Don’t add random people on Xbox because apparently, bosses do that now. And I work from home; I play Xbox, if you know what I mean," he says in the clip.

In the background of the video, an email labeled "URGENT" allegedly from the boss is shown.

The email reads in part:

"Hoping to catch you before you left but our lawyers were unavailable for guidance before 4 PM today. Upon advice of counsel, you are hereby terminated from [blurred out company name]."

The email also notes he "keep in mind" he signed a confidentiality agreement in the job manual.

"I am truly sorry it ended this way; I could not have given you more opportunity, kindness and flexibility," the boss' email concludes.

Watch below:

Brandon's comments section, meanwhile, is divided. Some folks seem to believe the TikTok is a complete marketing ploy, while others note they've experienced similar real-life situations. Others suggest that as long as he completed his work on time, he could potentially sue for wrongful termination.

Whatever the case may be, the TikTok does pose an ethical question of whether or not a boss should ever anonymously add an employee on a social media or gaming network.

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