Parents have been brightening up their children's birthday parties by bringing in special guests for a long time. But, never have I seen a birthday party feature a "bigfoot" like in this Tik Tok.


These parents surely made it a day their kids would never forget.

The Tik Tok shows the mayhem that ensued when the "bigfoot" these parents hired for a birthday party showed up with balloons and gifts in hand.

To say these young children were scared is an understatement. These kids went into full-on conniptions when they caught a glimpse of their party guest.

But after some help from adults at the party, plus an extra-friendly Golden Retriever sniffing out the situation, the kids warmed up to the hairy beast that was seemingly friendly.

How sweet... I guess.

Now, check out the full Tik-Tok with "Bigfoot" showing up to wreak havoc on the six-year-old's birthday party via @designersbrew below.

I first saw this story shared to Twitter by @barstoolsports and you can check out their take below.

These parents might be paying for some therapy sessions in the future.

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