Tiger Woods is a champion once again.

The 14-time major champion added number 15 to his legacy after winning the Masters at 43 years old. Tiger's win was so much more than just the jacket or a trophy as his journey has been well documented over the last 20+ years.

When Woods turned pro at age 20 in 1996, he already had the most lucrative deals in golf history. We've seen him at the highest of highs. We've seen him at the lowest of lows—so low that many of the "experts" said he would never be the same.

The Masters - Final Round
David Cannon, Getty Images

After Woods won the Tour Championship last year it was a big moment being that it was the first PGA Tour tournament that he won since 2013. After that win, a video from Skratch went insanely viral. It showed Woods looking at an iPad that seemed to show various sports personalities claiming that he was "finished" and would "never win again."

It was determined that the video was actually fake. Ironically, the original video didn't feature people trashing him but instead praising him and saying really nice things about him from an interview a while back. ESPN's Kevin Van Valkenberg tweeted about it being "literal fake news."

After Woods' huge comeback win this Sunday, I'm not sure if there is a Nike ad on earth that can resonate like this "fake" video from Skratch. It went viral after Tiger won last year, but this moment was THE moment in Tiger's epic comeback—a well-documented comeback that was a long time coming.

I'm sure his sponsors will put out a heartwarming video in the coming weeks, but hopefully, they know that this is the bar.

Let's hope they raise it.

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