As I'm sure you've noticed, gas prices pretty much change day to day. There are many reasons for this, like the commodities market and fancy things like that. But, is there a trend in these fluctuating gas prices we can use to find a day of the week when gas is the cheapest in Louisiana? There sure is. tracks gas prices day to day from all over the country. After crunching all of the numbers for 2016 and found that Monday is the day gas is the cheapest in Louisiana. Gas prices obviously fluctuate and this isn't a hard and set rule, but according to the data from 2016, it's definitely your best bet to pay less to fill up your tank.

Why? says “Since commodities trading isn’t active over the weekend, it typically allows stations to ‘let it ride’ over the weekend, culminating in lower prices by the start of the work week.”

Is there a day when gas prices are the highest? reports yes, and that day is Thursday.

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Patrick DeHaan, a senior analyst with GasBuddy, said in a news release the federal government may be partially to blame for the Thursday price surge. He noted the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which tracks a broad array of energy data, releases an influential report every Wednesday that can affect prices the next day.

GasBuddy estimates American drivers would spend an extra $1.1 billion a year if they collectively chose to fill up on Thursday rather than Monday.


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