A Thibodaux police officer videotaped himself locked in his patrol car for just 10 minutes to illustrate how dangerous the heat can become inside in just a short period of time.

The Department posted the video on YouTube, and a day later it had over 30,000 views.

Officer David Melancon said he became miserable after just 20 seconds.

"I'm already starting to feel the sweat build up in the back of my neck," said Melancon. "OK, now it's been three minutes, and let me tell you I feel like I've been in here a half hour."

There have been a lot of stories in the news lately about parents forgetting their kids were in the car on hot days, which could lead to death.

Melancon becomes visibly anguished just a few minutes into the experiment.

"I'm just reaching five minutes. It's hot," said Melancon. "I can only imagine what a little kid goes through when they're sitting in a car without any air. Or a pet."

He says children and pets should never be left in hot cars even for just a few minutes.

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