More than 20 city streets and parks in New Orleans could possibly have their names changed in the near future. City officials are saying the names have ties either to the Confederacy, white nationalists, or other historical figures who are deemed racist.

According to Gambit, New Orleans has a nine-member renaming commission, which is set to meet for the first time on July 16. Information for their consideration is from a list compiled by the Louisiana Division of City Archives & Special Collections at the New Orleans Public Library. Also up for deliberation is the re-naming of Jefferson Davis Parkway after Mark Raymond Jr, who is a community activist. A petition for that has already garnered thousands of signatures.

Many of the street and park names have obvious negative ties, but some are not so glaring. It will be up to city researchers to determine who they were actually named after. In other words, the list below is just a draft, not set in stone, and just up for consideration. You might remember that statues of Lee, Beauregard and Davis were famously removed in the city in 2017. Also a statue that represented the Battle of Liberty Place was taken down.

Read more about the re-naming process, and if and when it's going to happen, from Gambit here.


  • Capedeville Street
  • Calhoun Street
  • Dreux Avenue
  • General Taylor Street
  • Walker Street
  • Washington Artillery Park
  • Semmes Avenue
  • Sophie Wright Place
  • Palmer Avenue
  • Palmer Park
  • Polk Street
  • Slidell Street
  • General Ogden Street
  • Kruttschnitt Place
  • Leonidas Street
  • Mouton Street
  • Bragg Street
  • Forshey Street
  • General Early Drive
  • General Meyer Street
  • Beauregard Avenue
  • Beauregard Drive
  • Lane Street
  • Tulane Avenue
  • Governor Nicholls Street
  • Jefferson Davis Parkway
  • Robert E. Lee Boulevard
  • Robert E. Lee Street



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