Somehow we have become a divided nation over wearing masks.The issue has incited fights, riots, termination of employment, and screaming matches. Youtube has dedicated tons of video to people scuffling over them. So, it is quite surprising that two national retail chains have decided this week to reverse their mandatory face mask policy.

Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, who are both owned by Dollar Tree Inc., previously required customers to put on a mask before entering the stores to shop. Vendors and employees were also required to mask up as well. But as of last week, the company updated their guidelines to say they are "requesting" face coverings where state and local ordinances are not in effect. And according to USA Today their policy says "Dollar Tree and Family Dollar stores will still require face coverings where required by state or local ordinance." Currently there are 15,370 stores in 48 states and in Canada.

Meanwhile, more and more national retailers are mandating policies that require customers to don face masks before entering the stores. The latest being Walmart, Target, Aldi, Walgreens and Kroger. Southeastern Grocers, who own Winn Dixie, BI-LO, and Harvey's Supermarkets are saying that starting on July 27th they will also require customers to wear face masks before shopping. They previously said they wouldn't require them during the pandemic due to "undue friction" between store employees and customers.



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