The White House has just come out with news from the Centers for Disease Control that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear a mask in most settings.

See the announcement from @WhiteHouse on Twitter below.

As more Americans receive the COVID-19 vaccination, things across the country seem to be getting back to some level of normalcy. Comfort levels for entering public settings seem to be rising as Summer time sets in and many are ready to travel, visit friends and family, and enjoy life as we knew it before the pandemic.

Many entities are still driving vaccination through incentives, with Ohio recently announcing that they will be holding a lottery worth millions of dollars for their citizens who get vaccinated.

There are still plenty of Americans who aren't quite comfortable with the idea of traveling too far out of their homes at this time, but they still need the chance to check out the world. Read on below to see some live webcam views from all over!

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