Could it be true that what's bad for you could actually make you better? It's along the lines of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. There are actual scientific facts the prove that statement to be true. However, when you're going through something tough you still want to throat punch the person that says it.

So let's look at some "bad things" that could make you a better person or give you better health.

Here's one I could never agree with. Dressing up for work is actually a good thing. Psychologists say that when we dress up we feel more confident. The fact that dressy clothes are usually not as comfortable as your shorts and t-shirts you tend to sit up straighter and improve your posture. Personally, I can do without confidence and posture. If you're going to be a professional slob you don't need those things.

Let little headaches run their course. By run their course health care officials suggest that you don't immediately run to the medicine cabinet for a pain reliever at the beginning of a headache. They suggest that you allow your body to work through the pain on its own if you can. It will only help your body become more tolerant of pain.

Here's one that you will never get approval to do while you're driving in the car. Doctors suggest that you hold your pee instead running immediately to the bathroom the moment you get the urge. Of course, don't hold it for too long. That could lead to a urinary tract infection. But allowing your bladder to "hold it" can help you have bladder control as you get older.

All of that angst and stress that you have at the office is really good for you. Let's be clear on this one. Too much stress is and can be deadly.However, stress in small doses actually does wonders for your brain. Did you know that the part of your brain that is associated with learning, memories, and emotions actually continues to grow brain cells as you age? This little bit fo stress enhances this growth.

So what have we learned? Getting stressed over needing to pee and having a headache while wearing a business suit is better than two weeks vacation. Okay, no it's not. But these not so bad things do show positive effects when enjoyed in moderation. It's kind of like Zima. Nobody really wants to deal with it but if it's what you have you learn to deal.


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