Hurricane Harvey and it's lingering storms are taking a toll on the Greater Houston Area, and The Weather Channel has released a video doing a before/after comparison.

Most of us here know too well what the people in the Houston area are going through. No words can prepare one for the feelings associated with an event like this; no words can bring total comfort; no words can soothe the regret of not preparing; no words can remove the damage of flood waters.

We can all help, though, by donating to the American Red Cross. Text HARVEY to 90999 to automatically, quickly and easily donate $10 to help in recovery efforts. Visit the Red Cross website to make a donation of your liking. Gather up some non-perishable food items and donate to the cause. Care packages of bedding, clothing, personal hygiene products, etc., will help those displaced by the rising waters.

We can all do something to help, and our neighbors need us in a big way right now.

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