The Oil and Gas Industry is helping with recovery efforts in Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

President of the Louisiana Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association Chris John says when Harvey hit, it knocked about 12-percent of the refining capacity for this nation offline. He says when times are tough, the oil and gas sector steps up to the plate.

“Nearly $34 million as of last week has been donated to the efforts.”

Exxon Mobil led the way by donating 9.5 million dollars to the Red Cross and the United Way of Houston. John says the oil and gas industry is such a big part of the Gulf Coast and Louisiana, but many times goes unrecognized for its good deeds.

“In difficult times like today, we want to show that we are good neighbors and donate to the cause so we can get everybody back into their homes and then start to supply the fuel again that drives our country.”

John says they are making progress with getting Texas refineries back on line. He says Louisiana has tried to produce as much product as possible while Texas plants are recovering.

“It is slowly coming back. I think the spike in gasoline is a temporary spike and I think you’ll start to see that level out over the next few months.”


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