On tonight’s episode of ‘The Voice,’ the Top 8 sang their little hearts out as they got one step closer to that glorious finish line.

Robin Thicke opened the show with his new single ‘Feel Good,’ which was relatively uneventful, compared to his recent live musical appearances. No twerking, and no giant foam fingers this time around, thankfully.

James Wolpert started the night with Queen’s ‘Somebody to Love.’ He talked about his girlfriend and remarked, “It’s super corny, but it’s nice to have somebody to love.” Cute. James was joined on stage by an entourage of tuxedo-wearing male vocalists. Cee Lo claimed this was one of the best performances in the history of ‘The Voice.’ James definitely nailed the theatrics of the song and gave many of his signature screams, but we’re still not completely convinced that he has the lasting power to go all the way to the end. His niche style appeals to many, but does it appeal to enough of America to get him the votes he needs? Not sure.

Watch James Wolpert Perform Queen's 'Somebody to Love'

Tessanne Chin was next with the reggae-infused No Doubt song ‘Underneath It All.’ After Christina commented last week that she wanted Tessanne to switch things up a bit, her prayers were answered, with Tessanne shaking her hips, rapping and showing a new side to her personality. The coaches, as always, were impressed.

Watch Tessanne Chin Perform No Doubt's 'Underneath It All'

With Cee Lo Green having only one member of his team left, he has a lot riding on indie girl Caroline Pennell. This week Caroline sang ‘Dog Days Are Over’ by Florence and the Machine -- a challenging song, to say the least, with many words and very little room to breathe in between. (Have you ever tried doing this song at karaoke? Trust us, it ain’t easy.) The coaches were impressed that Caroline really pushed herself with this performance. Cee Lo told Caroline that he wrote something for her, a poem of sorts, ending with: “You are the only thing that matters to me at this moment. If you win nothing else, you win because you win my heart.” And the award for the most odd yet adorable friendship of the year goes to Cee Lo and Caroline.

Watch Caroline Pennell Perform Florence and the Machine's 'Dog Days Are Over'

The first group performance of the night consisted of Cole, Tessanne, Ray and Will, who sang ‘One Day’ by Matisyahu. The performance was solid overall, except for a few unfortunate snags by Ray. Now that the talent is getting stronger, the groups numbers are becoming much less painful to watch, and hopefully things can only keep going up from here.

After a very random cameo by Jay Leno during Blake Shelton’s coaching session, Cole Vosbury went back to his country roots, singing ‘I Still Believe in You’ by Vince Gill. There is something in Cole’s voice that feels much more authentic and genuine than his fellow contestants -- a type of purity that the others don’t necessarily possess. Cole is truly a breath of fresh air in this competition, and we are crossing our fingers he sticks around as long as possible. “You did country proud,” said coach Blake, who was in awe of Cole’s beautiful performance.

Watch Cole Vosbury Perform Vince Gill's 'I Still Believe in You'

Next up was fan fave Matthew Schuler doing ‘It’s Time’ by Imagine Dragons, after learning some military-inspired dance steps from Christina’s choreographer Jerry. Matthew has been consistent with knock-out performances for the past couple weeks, but unfortunately, it felt like he slipped a bit tonight, missing some notes and falling flat all over the place. A lot of the fault was really due to the song choice, which was completely wrong for Matt’s vocal style. The coaches talked about how the sentiment of the lyrics were very fitting for Matthew, managing to give positive feedback without actually commenting on his vocal mishaps. Very sneaky, coaches.

Watch Matthew Schuler Perform Imagine Dragons' 'It's Time'

Jacquie, Matthew, Caroline and James joined forces for the second group performance. Their rendition of Ed Sheeran's 'Lego House' was definitely the weaker of the two group numbers this evening, with some very awkward harmonies and mismatched pairings.

Will Champlin took on Etta James' classic 'At Last,' which was quite the switch-up from his typical comfort spot in the rock genre. He also performed without his signature thick-rimmed glasses, which majorly threw us for a loop. Will really went all out, with crazy vocal runs and some major showing off. And impressively, he somehow managed to pull it off, with his performance being the definite standout of the night. Coach Adam was practically in tears as he watched the talented Will own the stage.

Watch Will Champlin Perform Etta James' 'At Last'

Next up was Ray Boudreaux, who received some more wisdom from Jay Leno. Ray, who had a bit of catching up to do after his disappointing role in the earlier group performance, sang 'Gimme Some Lovin'' by the Spencer Davis Group -- looking sharp as always, in his slim fit suit with his perfectly slicked hair. Ray's effortless ability to charm can sometimes make it difficult to really pay attention to or care about his vocal performance. But that being said, Ray really killed it tonight, causing coach Blake to jump to his feet in appreciation of his beloved dapper dude.

Watch Ray Boudreaux Perform the Spencer Davis Group's 'Gimme Some Lovin''

Jacquie Lee got a lesson from coach Christina, who wanted her to be less smiley and more angry during her performance. Jacquie tried her darndest to get mad during her performance of Smokey Robinson's 'Who's Lovin' You' with a strong, dramatic start. Unfortunately, things quickly went downhill for little Jacquie, belting some majorly off-key high notes that made us cringe. Coach Christina gave a standing ovation, again proving that this show has absolutely nothing to do with judging or honest critique. The glass is always half full on 'The Voice.'

Watch Jacquie Lee Perform Smokey Robinson's 'Who's Lovin' You'

Tomorrow night, Cee Lo performs as well as singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding, and we'll learn whose 'Voice' path will come to an abrupt end. See you then!


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