Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine took to social media yesterday to show off his 27th tattoo. The thigh-high tattoo covers his entire left leg. And although he claims it was worth it, it took 3 days and he was very uncomfortable.

From start to finish, the wave-scape tattoo took a total of 3 days which required a lot of staying still. The final day was March 24. On Instagram, Levine eluded to how painful it was saying, "Today was ouch but worth it".




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Tattoo artist Nathan Kostechko had the pleasure of working with Adam on the massive leg tattoo, he also painted a neck tattoo for the superstar a few years ago.

3 days for a tattoo might sound like a lot of time, but for Adam Levine, that was nothing compared to the time it took tattoo artist Byan Randolph to do his back tattoo. That one took six months from conception to completion.

Here's Adam Levine's completed leg tattoo.

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