Let's hit the rewind button here.

Thursday night I asked on Facebook if you could bring back one club from the past, which one would you bring back to Acadiana? The response was overwhelming and I documented the top-10 responses.

Here are the dance clubs that we should bring back to Lafayette and/or Acadiana.

10. Stan's Downtown: This club was so ahead of its time. An upstairs venue with extraordinary sound and lighting. You felt the music in this venue. And we should note here that this was the first club in Lafayette to support HOT 107-9!

9. Outer Limits: This dance club was in Duson and it played some of the best dance music in the late 90s. It got to be so popular that local authorities reportedly fought it and it ultimately locked the doors. Raves were a common feature here. It's where I was first introduced to music by "DJ Icey" and more of the Florida breaks.

8. The Purple Peacock: This club was historic. It had a sunken dancefloor and this place partied. It was my first club gig in the late 90s and I have often said that this was the best club outside of Lafayette. The "Bird" was known for its "Turkey Bust" on Thanksgiving night and people from all over south Louisiana drove into Eunice for this party.

7. Poets: Located on James Comeaux Road in Lafayette this was the place to be after work on Tuesdays. They hosted "Tenacious Tuesday" and working people PACKED this place. It was also very popular on Thursdays for "Soul To Soul Night." This club was also one of my first gigs in Lafayette. I loved the retro music played here.

6. Club 410: In Downtown Lafayette, this club was the place to be seen. The music was fun and so many came here to DANCE. I'd watch people leave at 2 am sweating. There was a bar as you entered that was really chill, then as you walked towards the back things opened up to a "Vegas Style Club." Another one ahead of its time.

5. Amanda Scotts: So many people still talk about this club. Here's where break music took off in Lafayette! There'd be a thousand people dancing ALL NIGHT! This club was built "By Friends, For Friends." I think this type of club could still work today but on a much smaller scale.

4.Graham Central Station: This club had FOUR clubs under one roof! When it opened the doors, Lafayette fell in love with it. It was the first of its kind in the market. I played in Paradise Beach Club and I saw things in those cages that I thought I 'd never see in a club. Graham hosted the largest Halloween parties while it was in operation. After all, they'd give away a CAR on those nights.

3. The Keg: It will down as the best college bar of all-time. People from several generations partied here. A lot of the music you hear on the Friday Morning Breakfast Jam originated from the Keg. Remember the patio? Yeah, that was great times!!

2. The Kingfish: This club was before my time going out, but the stories are endless. This club partied till the sun came up. Yes, people went there to dance and the music lives on. Some who went to the "Fish" have told me that people would drive from as far as Houston to party here. Friends of mine who partied here tell me they'd go straight to church from the club!

1. The Plaza: Live from 4509 Johnston St. This club was legendary. When you walked into this massive venue you did not feel like you were in Lafayette! I recall walking into a small bar as you entered, then you'd walk into the club. It was an old theater, thus the ceiling in the club was really high. The sound and lighting in this place rivalled what you'd experience in Vegas. Like the Kingfish and Amanda Scotts, this club seems to have its own genre of music these days.

All in all, all of these clubs have a special place in our heart. You went to these venues to dance, meet people, and to have FUN!

Friendships and relationships were built at all of these clubs. Heck, many have even met their significant other at some of these places.

I ask, if you could bring ONE of these clubs back today, which one would it be? Tell us in the comment section.



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