Netflix is on a roll with their true crime docu-series.

They kicked it off in 2015 with Making A Murderer. The story of the possibly, maybe, maybe not guilty Steven Avery, and the most likely not guilty Brendan Dawsey. Fans of that series are foaming at the mouth for a second part.

The next true crime docu-series that had everyone talking was The Keepers. This story centered around the unsolved murder of a nun, Sister Cathy Cesnik, who may have uncovered a sex-ring involving the head of the school, a priest, Joseph Maskell.

Currently, everyone is talking about the wild case of Evil Genius. This series involves the "Pizza Bomber" case, where pizza delivery man Brian Wells had an explosive collar placed around his neck, and was ordered to rob a bank. Who was involved, what transpired, and more is explored in the series.

Your next obsession won't have to wait a whole year. In fact, in just a couple of weeks, as of this writing, The Staircase is bound to grab a hold of you. The case behind this docu-series has been talked about quite a bit in the true crime circles, but to have Netflix and Academy Award winning director Jean-Xavier De Lestrade getting a hold of it, you're definitely in for a treat. Check out the trailer above and just let the hooks sink into's okay.

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