There are some changes on the horizon for one Lafayette business. 

The Stage Karaoke Bar announced that they are moving into a new larger space. The new location will be at 2921 Verot School Road, which is the former Legend’s Bar and Grill. 

Via Facebook
Via Facebook

Let's be honest everyone loves a good karaoke song, even if you won't openly admit it. Now those that love karaoke will be able to enjoy their favorite pastime in a larger venue. 

For the past year, The Stage Karaoke Bar has been sharing a space with GL Mongolian Grill. The one and the only complaint from customers has been that there is not enough space to have fun. Actually, from the very first day the owners, Jeramie Kinnerson and his wife Rachel knew that they had already outgrown the space. They had planned a “soft opening” with about 25 people invited, instead, they packed the building. 

“Since our first day opening The Stage Karaoke Bar, the only complaint we have gotten is we needed more space. So we are getting our own building with double the space, triple the seating, a bigger bar so you can get a drink and still be able to move around, a dance floor to be able to do your favorite line dances, room for live music, and 2 patios with yard games.” says owner Jeramie Kinnerson

This new location will allow The Stage Karaoke Bar to also sell food, which is something that Jeramie and Rachel are very excited about.

Rachel told me about some of the ideas they have and it will be a hit for sure, one of the things that I thought was original was the idea of serving breakfast items. The menu is not finalized at this moment but both Jeramie and Rachel are very excited to bring this new addition to The Stage Karaoke Bar. 

The Stage Karaoke Bar is not just a place to go and sing it is more than that, everyone is family. Jeramie and Rachel had nothing but wonderful things to say about their staff and patrons of the bar.

Rachel said, "our staff is the best. They make people feel welcome, comfortable, and safe while they are there having fun. The customers are amazing and so supportive, we couldn't do this without any of them."

She said that she loves watching different kinds of people come together and have a good time with each other. Everyone involved with The Stage Karaoke Bar has gone out of their way to make this a special place for all who step foot in the bar. 

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I don’t get out much but after talking to Jeramie and Rachel I will definitely be getting some friends together to go and check out this wonderful establishment and sing a few songs. 

The remodeling process of the old Legend’s Bar and Grill will begin very soon and should be completed so that the karaoke bar can hopefully have its grand re-opening in August. 

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