Saints football is back, and so are the locker room celebrations.

The New Orleans Saints got the hard-fought win against Tom Brady and a stacked (on paper, at least) Tampa Bay Buccaneers team. It's safe to say the Black & Gold spoiled the kickoff of the Brady era in Tampa and you could even tell the announcers were bummed that the Saints spoiled the Brady storyline as the Saints proved that teamwork wins over individual talent.

What makes the win even more uniquely unforgettable is the fact that there were no fans in attendance, so the Saints weren't even able to celebrate the win with 70.000+ screaming Who Dats. I'm happy to see that one semblance of normalcy has stayed in place as the Saints turned up in the locker room, continuing their tradition of post-game celebrations.

It may not be Teddy Bridgewater's famous "bike" move to Choppa Style, but to see new Saints backup Jameis Winston gives his best effort to mimic the dance while Kamara was in a dance-off with Craig Robertson was enough for me to know that the Saints' post-win locker room party was alive and well.

This is extra important because an atmosphere like this is directly connected to team chemistry built on camaraderie. During the offseason, some critics wondered if external issues would affect the team's "locker room culture," but it seems like this staple has returned for the 2020 regular season.

Now, we gotta keep stacking the wins.

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