Everybody loves the police horses in New Orleans. I remember the first time I saw them was outside of Municipal Auditorium during a concert. Later, of course, I saw them on Bourbon Street, where they never cease to amuse the tourists and locals alike. This particular boogie was caught on Carondolet at Canal St. (You can see the Bourbon St. Walgreen's in the background.) A few people thought the horse in this video might be untrained or afraid of the people, but the NOLA horses are specially trained to be calm in crowds and a post by a retired police officer seems to verify this, so don't worry about the horse, just enjoy the show!

Debbie Weaver says on the American Police Beat facebook page:

That horse's name is Ace,and he is a dead calm police horse that will walk through fire with this officer on his back ... I rode with this officer and his horse for 10+years on this unit. This officer is also dead calm and are a great team.Ace will walk down by Bourbon on Mardi Gras Day in music packed wall to wall with people wheelchairs and baby strollers and not flinch . This team is playing with the crowd here ... It may look like the horse "won't go" but this officer is clearly smiling and administering a good dose of fun for the tourists. PR is a huge implement in crowd control when half the crowd is drunk and 90% are tourist here to have fun....

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