Imagine if you will you are walking down Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana. It's Mardi Gras. People are everywhere. There are beads flying. The drinks are flowing. And standing right next to you is an NFL superstar. Only, you didn't know that because the NFL superstar is wearing a mask. That's exactly what happened to innumerable revelers in New Orleans yesterday.

New Orleans Celebrates Mardi Gras
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Peyton Manning is one of New Orleans's favorite sons, along with Dad Archie, brothers Eli and Cooper, and the Grandest Lady of them all Miss Olivia, the Mannings are Big Easy royalty, yet they still make it a point to be a part of New Orleans' largest party, Mardi Gras every year.

Peyton Manning and Eli Manning Kick off 2005 Fantasy Football Season
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In the past, we've seen pictures of both Peyton and Eli on the parade routes catching beads with the common folks. And now, thanks to Peyton's Instagram account we can see Peyton go full "stealth mode" right in the middle of Bourbon Street.

Do you think the guy that was photobombing the video knew who he was photobombing? I can only imagine that guy's reaction when he sees this video. I mean how often do you get the chance to run into Peyton Manning at a Mardi Gras parade?

Well, at least that guy can lay claim to the fact that he once photobombed an NFL legend and lived to tell about it. How about you? Did you come across any famous people during your Mardi Gras celebrations? We'd love to see your pictures and videos if you did unless you're waiting for the celebrity to post them first.

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