As much as we are looking forward to getting back to normal in 2021, we still have a long way to go until the coronavirus pandemic is over. Vaccines are available to everyone 16 and over in the state of Louisiana, but there still seem to be roadblocks to getting the shots out to every citizen. It is a battle against a deadly virus, for sure.

On Monday, Louisiana reached quite a milestone, according to 1.2 million residents are now fully vaccinated, which is about 1 in every 4 persons, or 25.95%. And yes, I am one of them. It would only seem reasonable to assume that rural areas are harder to reach, but state and health officials are making headway to ensure that it will be easier for citizens in those areas to get the vaccine.

The latest data, via, suggests that metro areas around New Orleans and Lafayette have higher vaccination rates, and they are lower towards Lake Charles and the central Louisiana areas. Data is compiled and distributed by the Louisiana Department of Health every Monday and Thursday.

Below is the data for the top ten most and least vaccinated parishes in the state. But you can check data for every parish here.

Most Vaccinated Parishes

  1. West Feliciana: 46.7% vaccines completed
  2. Orleans: 35.8% vaccines completed
  3. Jefferson: 31.4% vaccines completed
  4. St Tammany: 30.1% vaccines completed
  5. Tensas: 28.8% vaccines completed
  6. East Baton Rouge: 28.6% vaccines completed
  7. St. Charles: 28.3% vaccines completed
  8. Pointe Coupee: 28.1% vaccines completed
  9. Plaquemines: 27.1% vaccines completed
  10. St. John the Baptist: 26.6% vaccines completed

Least Vaccinated Parishes

  1. Cameron: 8.5% vaccines completed
  2. Vernon: 10.9% vaccines completed
  3. Allen: 12.5% vaccines completed
  4. St. Helena: 14.2% vaccines completed
  5. La Salle: 14.8% vaccines completed
  6. Concordia: 14.9% vaccines completed
  7. Beauregard: 15% vaccines completed
  8. Grant: 15.5% vaccines completed
  9. Jeff Davis: 16.6% vaccines completed
  10. Madison: 17.4% vaccines completed



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