Carencro, is a small historical city in Lafayette, Parish, Louisiana located in a suburb of Lafayette. Named for the Cajun Fench word for buzzard, the city used to be an area where large numbers of American Black Vultures roosted in the bald cypress trees. Carencro, according to the 2020 census, has a population of just over 9000.

The downtown area of Carencro is quaint with small shops and offices oozing a cozy hometown feel. The pace is slow and relaxed and everybody knows everybody.

In a recent visit to Carencro, the day was cool, crisp and beautiful, I decided to take a walk near St. Peter Roman Catholic Church (erected in 1904) which has recently gone through an extensive restoration.

When one stands back, away from the front of the church, looking at its beauty and significance from a distance on E. Saint Peter St., you will notice the Carencro water tower standing watch as well.

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The iconic water tower made popular in Carencro native, singer Marc Broussard's video "Home", stands just above the trees making sure the city is supplied with life-saving water. Pipes from the tower spread water throughout the city, silently, quietly, always there when you need.

The church, however, does the same. Catholics in the community rely on the church to cleanse and revive the soul and spirit. Always there day after day, month after month, year after year. I'm sure many people would say that life doesn't exist without church and Christ either.

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These two iconic structures, side by side, watch over the people of Carencro keeping the soul and spirit of the city alive, albeit in very different ways, the result is the

The water tower lends a bold reminder of how fragile life is. The church allows for a safe place to recharge our bodies sustained by water. How could we survive without both?

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I will never find myself in the town square of Carencro without looking up and pausing to take in the significance of the tower and church that quietly stand watch over the city at the intersection of E. Saint Peter St. and N. Church St.

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