At one point during the coronavirus pandemic, every single Disney theme park and resort was closed. The move was of course for safety reasons, but families who plan their vacations yearly around visiting with Mickey, Minnie, Elsa, and all the beloved Disney characters were crushed. It's obvious that they have been missing their mouse!

At this point, according to the official Disney World website, all four theme parks in the United States are now open, and you can get daily updates on hours, tickets, and safety guidelines before planning your trip

But for those who might not be ready to head to one of the theme parks quite yet, Disney is doing a great job of keeping fans connected. The company recently announced that it is launching a series of free drawing classes via their official YouTube channel. Budding artists can learn how to draw Mickey, Elsa, the Genie from Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, and more from real Disney character artists. Louisiana Weekend says most of the classes are 20 minutes or less, and you can see a couple of them below. And the best part is, you don't have to have any artistic experience to create your masterpiece!

Disney officials have also released a virtual video of the latest Disneyland Park parade, which is called Magic Happens. It apparently was filmed before the pandemic, and is making fans nostalgic for the festive event which is a much loved daily occurrence. Fans are also submitting videos of virtual rides for those who can't make it to the parks right now. Check out some of the fun videos below.



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