Sylvester Stallone is 74 years old, yes I know you feel super old right now you're welcome, and one of the most successful actors that have ever hit the big screen.

He's also led one of the most popular sports movie franchises that have ever been and has stood the test of time throughout the years as the rise and fall and rise again of an All-American underdog. Honestly, who doesn't love a good underdog story?

The original Rocky movie hit theaters all the way back in 1976 following an upstart raw boxer who wants to be a champ but just needs some training. When he surprisingly gets a shot against the champ Appollo Creed everything changes.

Rocky proves to Creed that even when you might not have as much talent as another person if your will can't be broken you'll always give yourself a shot at victory whether you win or lose the fight.

There are currently eight movies in the Rocky movie franchise but it began from extremely humble beginnings as did Stallone which you might find intriguing as I did.

Here are nine things you might not have known regarding Sylvester Stallone himself and the Rocky movie franchise.

Eight Things You Might Not Have Known About Sylvester Stallone/Rocky


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