The Burrito blanket is the hottest novelty gift this Christmas. When the pictures of people wrapped up like a burrito in the giant tortilla blanket hit social media, it went viral in hours and is taking the country by storm. It’s designed to look very realistic with burn features and all. They come in full adult size, and they also make a swaddling set for babies. Can you imagine how adorable that snuggly little baby burrito will be? I personally think this is a pretty cool gift. Whether it be for your kiddos or as a novelty gift for your next White Elephant party, this unique gift will be a hit. I mean who doesn’t love curling up in a snuggly blanket? And who doesn’t love a good burrito? Talk about taking your binge-watching sessions to new heights.

A Twitter user named Katrina posted three photos of her new burrito blanket and tortilla lovers everywhere quickly made the photos go viral. Her tweet has many looking to get their very own Burrito Blanket.

There are many different versions and many ways to purchase one, including Amazon.



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