Looking back at the television offerings brought to us in 2019, one thing is very clear: We had a lot of options. And with new streaming services like Disney+ and Apple TV+, more options than ever before. More options aren’t a bad thing, necessarily. More options means that niche shows can find homes and viewers have ample opportunity to find shows that suit them — there’s something for everyone!

More options do become a problem, however, when it’s time to sit down a make a list of the Ten Best TV Shows of 2019. You guys! With so many great television shows, deciding which is best is nearly impossible. In all honesty, the configuration of the 21 scripted shows (Sorry, The Great British Bake Off and Making It, I will have to gush about you on my own time) mentioned below — the Top 10 and the honorable mentions — changed repeatedly and wildly throughout the process. Nevertheless, in the name of television and year end lists, I winnowed down my favorite 2019 shows to a mere 21, and from that selected ten of the best. Perhaps tomorrow I will wish I had made some changes, but such is life when there is just so much great television to choose from. What a good problem to have.

Ten More to Consider (in alphabetical order): Brooklyn Nine-Nine (NBC), Chernobyl (HBO), The Crown (Netflix), Dead to Me (Netflix), Evil (CBS), The Good Place (NBC), Good Trouble (Freeform), Pen15 (Hulu), Shrill (Hulu), Unbelievable (Netflix)

Gallery — The 20 Best TV Shows of the 2010s:

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