There are countless horror movies but only one is the best to watch Halloween night.

This is probably no surprise, but the best horror movie for your Halloween night (or day) viewing is John Carpenter's classic Halloween. There have been numerous sequels, a sequel that skipped the other sequels and got its own sequel, a reboot that started things over and got one sequel, and now another sequel that skips all the other sequels and the reboot. None have ever come close to the masterpiece that is Carpenter's 1978 film.

The original Halloween uses suspense, atmosphere, music, and performances to create the ultimate All Hallow's Eve horror experience. There's no blood or gore because those are cheap and easy scares. Halloween is about the random and inexplicable nature of evil. Michael Myers is The Shape, the Bogeyman. He kills because he's "purely and simply evil" as Dr. Loomis says.

If you've never seen the original movie, this Halloween is the perfect time to watch it for the first time or to rewatch it again. If you've never seen the original or the sequels, take this old horror fan's advice: only watch the original and don't bother with any of the others, including the new movie. John Carpenter's Halloween is perfect just as it is.


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