There’s plenty of superhero movies that’ll be taking over your local multiplex in the months to come, but nothing quite like M. Night Shyamalan’s take on the genre. In Glass, these heroes and villains don’t wear your typical capes and spandex suits, but are locked inside a mental institution.

The worlds of Shyamalan’s Unbreakable and Split collide in the upcoming Glass, where Samuel L. Jackson’s Elijah Price, aka Mr. Glass and Bruce Willis’ David Dunn are locked up alongside James McAvoy’s Kevin Crumb/The Beast. The trio are being studied by Sarah Paulson’s psychiatrist, treating those who believe they have superpowers. The latest trailer reveals more of her treatment methods, which make a great showcase for McAvoy’s batty performance, or should I say 20 performances. In Split, we only got to see eight of Kevin’s 23 DID personalities, but the trailer is teasing a few more of those.

The new footage is awesome, full of some great Jackson dialogue and so much action it’ll make your head explode. And damn, this has me really hyped for all the insanity McAvoy is about to do. As much as I dig the trailer though, it does seem like it’s giving away a little too much. Here’s the official synopsis:

Following the conclusion of SplitGlass finds Dunn pursuing Crumb’s superhuman figure of The Beast in a series of escalating encounters, while the shadowy presence of Price emerges as an orchestrator who holds secrets critical to both men.

Anya Taylor-Joy from Split is also back, along with Elijah's mother, played by Charlayne Woodard, and Spencer Treat Clarke as David's son. Glass hits theaters January 18, 2019.

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