In the 80s, one of my favorite television shows was "Moonlighting" starring Cybill Shepherd and Bruce Willis.

The show was a "detective" show as the premise was that Cybill Shepherd's character supplemented her fashion model career by starting her detective agency.

Her "partner in crime" whom she hires to work at the detective agency is played by Bruce Willis. His character is sarcastic, and hilarious and tries to do anything but work much to the chagrin of Cybill Shepherd

If You Loved the "Moonlighting" Theme by Al Jarreau Check It Out Here

Where can you find the show streaming now? reported this week that "Moonlighting" will finally come to streaming via Hulu on Tuesday, October 10!

We will get to see all five seasons of characters Maddie Hayes (Shepherd) and David Addison (Willis) starting on that day.

For years fans like myself have been asking why in the world can't find "Moonlighting" streaming anywhere. It was the same issue the whole time. The show featured really great music and because of this so many issues came up with making sure writers and musicians got paid which is only fair.

Cybill Sheperd Has Had a Varied Career

What they decided to do is replace much of the music that was used originally with the series. The people doing the replacing are saying they have worked diligently to match the tone of the show and the lines of the show so that the music seems to match.

One thing is for sure, the grammy-nominated "Moonlighting" theme song is going to still be attached to the show, and thank goodness because it's beautiful!

Check this out! This is the screen test! Click here to see it!

Bruce Willis Has Had a Very Long Career

I am so excited to know we can see them again!

The chemistry between Shepherd and Willis was so well-played that people believed they were even having an off-camera love affair at the time!

There were 67 episodes of "Moonlighting".

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