In this commercial for a major Texas-based grocery store, it became apparent that Texas-style crawfish boils are different from Cajun Country crawfish boils!

How many differences can you spot?

We love our Texas neighbors, so I am hoping that they'll be okay with a little friendly ribbing. Allow me to start (and if you find anything else, please add to the list!):

  • So. Much. Corn.
  • Wine? Really? I realize that some people don't drink beer, but wine?
  • Tongs. With tongs, you can only serve yourself a few crawfish at a time (maybe that's why there's so much corn??).
  • Paper plates. In Acadiana, the WHOLE TABLE is a paper plate (we cover it with newspapers)!
  • Youtube/Rachel Dawer
    Youtube/Rachel Dawer

    7. A boil for "a few hundred customers", and you only have 3 bags of crawfish?          THAT's why there is so much corn!

    All joking aside, what goes better with crawfish, a red or a white (asking for a friend)?

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