As most of Acadiana breathes a sigh of relief that Hurricane Ida didn't target us, we are also doing our best to help our friends, families, and total strangers who were impacted by the storm.

From supply drives to crews of linemen, trips are being made daily from Acadiana to areas south and east that were ravaged by Hurricane Ida. And those trips require fuel.

According to a story from KATC TV3, officials in St. Mary Parish are seeing heightened tensions in and around gas stations in that parish. From minor crashes and near misses to altercations between customers, emotions are running high.

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As people try to get back home after evacuating, they are stopping for fuel before they reach the heavily damaged areas. As people try to clean up their damaged property, they have to venture out to find fuel, as many gas stations are still without power. As people with kindness in their hearts offer help, they are stopping to pick up fuel to donate to those in need. All of this is causing a shortage of fuel in the area which, in turn, leads to longer lines at the pumps.

St. Mary Parish Sheriff Blaise Smith is asking people to use caution when around gas stations, and he is asking everyone to be patient with one another.

According to the story, President Biden addressed the gas shortage issue during his visit to Lousiana today, promising to loosen restrictions on truckers, allowing them to drive longer hours to be able to deliver fuel to our state. He also said that he would increase the supply of fuel available to Louisiana residents.

If you find yourself waiting in a line for fuel, please be as kind to others as you'd like them to be to you. Everyone is operating with a short fuse, and kindness is the only cure.

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