It's hot here in South Louisiana and our vehicles are feeling the effects of the extreme temperatures.

By now you know that extreme temperatures can affect the battery in your vehicle and even put your engine coolant system to the test, but at what temperature can the tires on your vehicle be compromised?

I thought about this a few weeks back when we had a few roads in Lafayette and around Lafayette buckle as a result of the heat here.

After some not-so-extensive research, I found that it will take an extreme temperature to pop or blow out your tire(s).

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With that said, as temperature rise, so too does the air pressure in your tires and if they are over-inflated, they could still blow out or pop when you are on the road.

So, at what temperature are the tires on your vehicle at risk, well that would be at 195 - 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the 200-degree mark, the rubber compounds that make up the tire can begin to deteriorate, thus leading them to blow out.

Now, keep in mind here that the temperature of the surface of a road will greatly exceed the actual temperature outdoors. So, if the temperature on a gauge reads 100 degrees, you can bet that the actual surface temperature that you're traveling on exceeds that reading.

Just keep this in mind as we battle another heat wave here in South Louisiana and do not put off the proper maintenance of your vehicle during the summer months.

If you notice that there isn't much tread left on your tires or if you see bulges on them, you should address this issue as soon as possible. Tires in this condition are more prone to blowouts when temperatures are soaring.


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