I'm biting down on my lower lip as I Write this. Being the son of two retired educators, it chaps my @$$ that thing have come to this. A teacher in Oklahoma recently resorted to panhandling for money to buy school supplies. Many teachers have bought supplies out of their own pocket in recent years. Education budgets get repeatedly slashed, and our country continues its downward spiral, falling behind other industrialized nations. People reports, Teresa Danks decided to panhandle after her husband jokingly suggested during dinnertime conversation. She went to a gas station, and placed a sign on her car windshield that read,  “Teacher Needs School Supplies! Anything Helps. Thank You.” She later went to a freeway off ramp. Danks has created a Facebook page, "Begging for Education."  A gofundme page has also been established. Danks told a TV station she spends about $2,000.00 a year on school supplies out of her own pocket.

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