Reports say that a teacher heroically jumped into action when one of her third grade students began choking on a bottle cap. The dramatic video shows the moment that the student realized that the cap was stuck in his throat, but thankfully his teacher was there to save the day and possibly his life.


The incident reportedly occurred in a third-grade New Jersey classroom. Surveillance video from the rooms shows what appears to be a normal day for these students.


But as one student, who can be seen with brown hair wearing a yellow shirt, went to drink from his water bottle - the cap came off and went directly into his throat.

Twitter via @ABC
Twitter via @ABC

A moment of panic set-in for the student, but he was able to get up out of his desk and walk up to his teacher. This is when she turned the young student around and began performing Heimlich maneuver.


After a couple of pushes, the child was able to cough up the bottle cap and breath normally.

Teacher Performs Heimlich Maneuver and Saves Third Grader

See the full video via @ABC on Twitter below.

A scary moment that could've ended much worse for this young student. Thankfully, this amazing teacher was ready to act at a moments notice to avoid disaster.

See reactions to the clip via Twitter below.

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