It was actually kind of nice to look out the window of my home yesterday around lunchtime to see raindrops quenching the thirst of my quickly browning lawn. Such was the case across more than a few yards in Acadiana yesterday. Today, we'll likely see more showers and thunderstorms all thanks to a potential tropical weather system in the northwestern Gulf of Mexico. 

Forecasters with the National Hurricane Center have bumped up the probability that this system could strengthen over the next few days. Granted, the probability for the system to develop into a tropical cyclone is only 30% there is still a reason to check back from time to time on what this system is doing.

Over the weekend forecasters thought the area of disturbed weather would move quickly into Texas and dissipate. It has not. In fact, it's still hanging out pretty close to home. Too close if you ask me.

According to our weather experts at KATC the system shouldn't be much more than a catalyst for a few extra showers or thunderstorms today and maybe tomorrow. Locations in Texas will likely see the brunt of the heavier rainfall as the system eventually moves onshore later today or Wednesday.

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