It was quite the shake-up during the lunch hour at the corner of Pinhook and Kaliste Saloom on Thursday.

While people dined at T-Coon's, there was a sudden jolt. My friend George was one of those diners and he told me that the building shook enough for him to walk outside to see what caused the ruckus and noticed an entire SUV had crashed into a store nearby.

You could see the back end of a vehicle hanging out of The Velvet Monkey from the parking lot. My friend says he rushed over to help before first responders arrived and noticed a couple of ladies who were shaken up.

Facebook, George Favaloro

The accident was also noticed by traffic that passed by on Pinkhook. Jean Douet caught a clip of the SUV being towed out of the building and posted it to Facebook.

Users on social media were shocked to see the SUV crashed through the wall of the store.


Others said they heard the noise as well while one person said they almost stopped by right before the accident happened.


As far as we know, everyone involved is OK and hopefully, the only thing that will need fixing is the SUV and the wall in front of The Velvet Monkey. By the way, they're OK too.

Just another reason to be safe out there.

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