When it comes to who you should date and who you shouldn't - there are two types of people:  Those that care about what others think and those that don't.  For example, we've all had that "friend" that swooped in on your ex as soon as it was over (or sooner in some cases) - that person clearly doesn't care what anyone (especially you) thinks about their choices. Seeing that the unspoken rules that govern this kind of thing can end longstanding friendships in an instant, the folks that sell naughty bedroom items at EdenFantasys commissioned a study on just who is and who isn't socially acceptable for you to date.

2,000 Americans were surveyed about their "taboo" crushes, and the results don't disappoint.  More than half of the participants (57%)  lusted after someone they shouldn't have by their own standards.  I think that means more than half of us are naughty, and we know it.  On top of that, 1 in 3 of those people acted on feelings for a crush they themselves considered "off-limits!"

The person considered most off-limits is a friends partner, but the disturbing part is: Only 50% said this was a no-no - potentially, half of your friends would make a run at your sweetie.  46% of respondents said they wouldn't flirt with anyone in a relationship.  The rest of the forbidden lovers list makes sense, but the low numbers surprise me - According to SWNS Digital, only 28% of people think getting with a co-worker is a bad idea - even though 1 in 3 admitted that they had lost a job because of a workplace fling.

Here's the rest of the top 10 romantically off-limits crushes and the shockingly low percentage of those surveyed that think it would be a bad idea to go after them:

Friend’s partner                                                                  50%
Someone in a relationship                                                 46%
Friend’s ex-partner                                                             40%
Parent’s friends                                                                  40%
Boss                                                                                   40%
Ex-partner’s sibling                                                             38%
Teacher                                                                               38%
Ex-partner’s friend                                                              34%
Somebody 20+ years older/younger than you                    32%
Co-worker                                                                            28%

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