The Nutrisystem Diet Index asked Americans what they consider to be physical perfection, they agreed it was combination of Jennifer Lopez's legs and bottom, First Lady Michelle Obama's arms and Jessica Alba's abs.

Keep reading to see whose body parts make up the perfect man.Survey participants decided the perfect man would have Vin Diesel's arms and Matthew McConaughey's six-pack... of abs, that is! Well, while we're dreaming, how about wishing for a million bucks, too? The truth is only 25% of the people surveyed thought having the perfect body would be better than winning a million bucks. The Diet Index found that 51 percent of women who weighed in think that if a male star gained a significant amount of weight – like 50 pounds - he would not be hot anymore.  Men seem to agree when it comes to female celebrities.  About half (48 percent) predict they'd find her unattractive if she packed on the same amount of weight.

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