Have you ever realized just how soothing Matthew McConaughey’s voice is? The Oscar-winning actor is one of several high profile stars that is lending their voice to the relaxation and meditation app called “Calm”.  McConaughey narrates a bedtime story called “Wonder”, and he reads the story in his very sweet, calm, and dreamy voice. It has been downloaded more than 11 million times since 2018.  An executive from “Calm” says there has been a large increase in usage of the app during the quarantine. So many people are looking for ways to relax during these crazy times and apparently, Matthew McConaughey’s voice is helping them get through the stress and helping them deal with anxiety.

McConaughey opens his narration on “Wonder” in the Calm’s Sleep Stories selection with a question. He reads, “How often do we really feel what’s happening within and around us, allowing ourselves to be moved, to be inspired, to be filled with gratitude for the mystery, and the beauty of this universe and of this life?”

I'm bummed that I’ve been missing out. I will download the app today.

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