Cosmetic Procedure

[Andreas Rentz, Getty Images][/caption]A new survey asked people what body part would they change if they could.  The results stunned even the people taking the survey.

You probably have several areas you would alter on your body if you could.  Believe it or not, 34% of the men in the survey said they wouldn't change a thing and 21% of women said they same.

For the guys who did want to change something on their bodies, the stomach was the most popular answer.  Their face was second followed by legs, back and butt.

The women's answers weren't that different than the men.  The number one body part women would change would be their stomach, just like the guys.  Their chest would be second followed by legs, face and butt.

A different survey found that the average guy looks in the mirror 23 times a day.  Women check themselves out 16 times an hour.

 [Via:  PR Newswire / Daily Mail]