A DEA agent invited a former addict to show how easy it is conceal contraband from vigilant Moms and Dads, and inquisitive brothers and sisters.

You will be amazed at how inventive and resourceful some people can be when they want to! This report from 'Access Hollywood' reveals some surprising places that kids hide drugs right under their parents' noses. Places like the toilet tank, inside a stuffed animal, and inside a hairbrush to name a few. There are lots of containers available for sale on the internet and in shops which are disguised as innocent objects, like lipstick tubes and soft drink cans, too. You might even use something similar to hide your spare key or valuables.

If you have a teenager, or any age child, for that matter, you should watch this video just so you know where to look if you have suspicions.

More places addicts hide drugs here.

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