Anyone who loves being in the waters of the ocean will probably really appreciate the unexpected visitor visiting some California surfers recently.

Water in our oceans is home to such incredible sea life. Think of all the fish that swim in our seas. Think about the amazing seashells your find on your favorite beach. You can see so many different life forms in our oceans, and when they decide they want to hang out with you, it can be a pretty incredible sight.

I was lucky enough to see whales and dolphins on an ocean trip. The fact that whales are so huge and beautiful is awe-inspiring. I have also been lucky enough to see bunches of sea otters.

What happened in California about a week ago was not only fun and truly beautiful. Some California surfers were enjoying their favorite pastime when they made an unexpected friend. A baby seal jumped on one of the surfers' boards to go for a ride!

The pictures and the video of this baby seal catching a ride are just adorable. Now being the kind and considerate folks that they are, these surfers wanted an expert opinion to make sure the seal pup was okay. When asked what they thought about this happening, Sea World official Tracy Rahr told NBC San Diego says,

Our team did respond to the pup. Upon arrival, it appeared healthy and was in the water when the team went out to evaluate it, so there was no need to intervene as the pup also appeared to be old enough to care for itself.

All of this began to unfold about a week or so ago in the waters off of Tourmaline Beach which is north of San Diego, California.

A drone ended up catching all the fun and touching moments when the seal pup decided to catch some waves with his new human friends.


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