Murphy USA (gas station) located at 725 Odd Fellows Rd. in front of Walmart in Crowley, Louisiana is having maintenance work done on their gas lines and can only serve its customers Super Unleaded gasoline while the work is being completed. Until the work is done, everyone gets Super Unleaded for the price of Regular Unleaded.

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As you can see, Murphy USA in Crowley has lowered the price of Super Unleaded to match the cost of Regular Unleaded. Super Unleaded is now just $167.9 a gallon. You don't need a special coupon or password, just cash or credit card.

Super Unleaded is usually recommended for high-performance car and truck engines, boat motors and a variety of gasoline-powered engines. The 93 octane rating will make most engines run better and give you more power (Always follow manufacture's recommendations).

Super Unleaded always costs more than Regular Unleaded or Unleaded Plus. But not right now at Murphy USA in Crowley. Right now you can save big on the sexy, big shot gas.

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A Murphy USA gas station attendant onsight said,

All pumps will go back to regular pricing per gallon after the gas line maintenance and repair is fixed.

When you get there, just press "Super Unleaded" and the pump will automatically charge the price of Regular Unleaded.

Murphy USA in Crowley is open 5 AM-10:30 PM Monday-Thursday, Friday 5 AM-11:30 PM, Saturday 6 AM-11:30 PM and Sunday 6 AM-10:30 PM.

(Business hours may vary due to COVID-19.)


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