I was so happy to see Developing Lafayette announce that Sunrise Coffee Co. will be opening in Sugar Mill Pond in Youngsville. My friend, Boo Freeman, first opened in Destin’s Santa Rosa Beach, on 30A Highway. It does very well there and there's no doubt it will be a hit here.

Sunrise Coffee Co. is not just an ordinary coffee shop. It has the coolest vibe. But, if you know Boo Freeman, that won’t surprise you. The best way to describe it is a mix of super-funky, colorful, beachy, relaxed, and lively at the same time, and fun. They offer a wide variety of coffee and adult drinks, smoothies, and fresh food.

Sunrise Coffee Co. Facebook
Sunrise Coffee Co. Facebook

They posted on their Facebook page in March that they were hiring. The post says it’s competitive pay, plus tips, with morning and afternoon shifts. It sounds like a fun place to work. You may want to call 412-9763 for more information.

Sunrise Coffee Co. will be located at 120 Waterview Rd in Youngsville.  Sugar Mill Pond will be a perfect spot for this gem. The opening date is planned after the stay-at-home orders are lifted, which should be mid-May. We have another locally owned business to support and this one will be easy-breezy.

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