I think almost all of us in Acadiana enjoyed the temperatures we experienced over the weekend. The slight drop in forecast high temperatures from the lower and middle 90s to the lower and middle 80s made for some pleasant days and nights. Perhaps that made last night's power outage that was reported in the Broussard area a little more tolerable.

According to a story on the KATC website, a limb from a tree fell across some powerlines last night about 7:15. Officials with SLEMCO speculate the limb may have been weakened in the high winds of Hurricane Laura several weeks ago. Then yesterday, while conditions weren't exactly stormy but quite blustery, the limb fell from the tree and impacted the line.

By the way, those weakened limbs are something every property owner should be cognizant of. Quite often trees and limbs are weakened by storms but they don't snap or break until the next high wind event occurs. If you have a lot of trees on your property you might want to explore the idea of having a professional tree service give you an estimate on what dangers could be lurking.

The power was restored for most customers in a little over an hour's time. The Acadiana area can expect more gusty breezes today as Tropical Storm Beta is forecast to make landfall along the middle Texas coast. Storms from that system could push through the Acadiana area with heavy rains and high winds over the next couple of days.


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