We  Americans are the most wasteful people in the world, myself included. I'm trying to get better. We throw our money away in ways many of us don't think much about. One of the biggest places we waste money is on food. We do this in a variety of ways. Many modern Americans don't cook. Eating out daily is like setting your paycheck on fire. We also throw away 50% more food than the average American family of the 1970's. Here's one I'm guilty of, buying fresh produce and letting it spoil because I eat something more convenient. We also throw food away before it's spoiled. Freeze it instead. According to Fashion Beans, the average American family wastes nearly $5,000 worth of food every year! You can save 3% for every degree you lower your thermostat in winter, or raise it in summer. You can save nearly $500 a year on doing laundry by following these tips from Money Crashers. You can also save money on clothing & cosmetics by shopping overstock stores. It's the same stuff. Let's not even discuss those $5, $6, & $7 cups of coffee! Brew it at home. The less money you waste, the more you'll have for home improvement, a nice car, the kid's education, and retirement savings.

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